Company Profile
Company Profile
Characteristic of the Union Paper Co. - Union for all People
  (1) The unique Union Paper Co.
  The company is the largest manufacturer and seller of specialty papers in Taiwan.
  (2) The technological Union Paper Co.
    We combine the resources of industry, government and academia to constantly engage new technologies and to develop new products.
    Included in our products, there are flame-resistant paper for the high-tech factories, barrier and protective paper for the instruments and facilities of such outfits, and forgery-proof bond paper.
  (3) The livelihood Union Paper Co.
  The Union Paper Co. produces various base papers to supply downstream converting mills. The converted paper products are closely intermeshed with every aspect of people’s daily lives, including their food, clothing, residential, transportation, educational, and recreational needs.
    Food :   “Greaseproofing paper” for holding potato chips and fried chickens.
          “Beer label paper” for beers bottles.
          “Lid cover paper” of instant noodle bowls.
          “Baking paper” and “steamer paper” for steaming or baking of buns and cakes.
    Clothing :   “Print-and-dye base paper” for calico clothes.
    Residential :   “White MG paper” printed with woody grains.
    Transportation :   “Wet-strength art paper” for roadside packing tickets.
    Educational :   “Colored printing and writing paper”, “wood-free printing and writing paper”.
    Recreational :   “Handbag paper” for handbags.
          Detachable label papers for various food and goods.
  (4) The orchard farmer’s Union Paper Co.
    ”Shielding bags” made of ”Wet-strength kraft paper, black kraft paper, and white kraft paper” for the protection of growing fruit and melons.
  (5) Medicinal and sanitary applications by Unite Paper Co.
    ”Medicinal paper” for medical facilities.
    ”Water-absorbance paper” for making paper diapers and sanitary napkins.
  (6) Cultural Union Paper Co.
    ”Art paper” and “Concorde paper” for delicate printing and writing uses.
    ”Lotus joss paper” for heaven worship and praying for blessing.
Credos of management:
  (1)   People are the foundations. Do things using the moral principles of being a decent people. Strive for perfection of everything.
  (2)   Respect thy customers. Fulfill the needs of customers with superior products and services.
Quality policies:
  (1)   Do things using the moral principles of being a decent people.
  (2)   Do things right the first time. Strive for perfection of everything.
  (3)   The pursue of excellence in quality is the life-long moral quest of our staff.
Environmental, safety and sanitary policies:
  (1)   Cleaner production.
  (2)   Energy conservation and waste reduction.
  (3)   Stress safety and sanitary operation.
  (4)   Full staff participation.
  (5)   Persistent improvement.
  (6)   Sustainable management.